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BUYAPORT CPH offers design with soul. Every item is carefully selected with a true passion for beauty, functionality and the ability to spread joy and delight for years to come.

It is our mision that BUYAPORT CPH should become more than merely a traditional company in a mass of others. We follow global trends and try our best to find just that particular thing which today is unknown, but tomorrow will be seen and sought after by consumers. In all modesty, we believe that we have that special ability to sense and feel tomorrow's design. Precisely for this reason, it has always been a joy for us to pass on our enthusiasm to our customers and the many people who have found happiness and enjoyment in our products.

By the way do you know what BUYAPORT stands for?
It’s the direct word translation of København (Copenhagen), from danish to english. Køb=buy - en=a - havn=port - now spelling BUYAPORT, the city we come from and have our daily base. The city of world-renowned design, food and culture.